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The Magical Papillon Series

Whispers in the Attic
Pixie Book One

Beneath the ancient eaves of a Victorian house, a single mother, her children, and their enchanting magical Papillon dog must learn to embrace the supernatural, as dark secrets, an enigmatic historian, and a ruthless adversary force them into a perilous quest to protect a mystical crystal. 
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Sapphires and Secrets Pixie Book Two

Sapphires and Secrets' is a spellbinding tale where a family's journey into the supernatural unfolds, unlocking a legacy of forgotten enchantments and propelling them toward a destiny intertwined with the magic of a stolen gem.
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Mysteries to make you smile

Whispers in the Attic

A cozy mystery about a ancient, secret society, a magical Papillon Dog, and a supernatural helper in quaint Rosewood Hollow.

Whispers in the Attic
In the quaint village of Rosewood Hollow, a single mother and her children embark on a journey that will challenge their beliefs, ignite their courage, and unlock a world of wonder they never imagined.
Sarah, a determined single mother, moves her reluctant children, Emily and Cory, into a historic Victorian house with a shadowy past. To bring joy into their lives, they adopt Pixie, a Papillon dog with a mysterious gift.
But this old house holds secrets. Eerie whispers, moving objects, and a restless spirit named Amelia lead Sarah to a crossroads. She must decide whether to ignore the signs and focus on her family's future or embrace a paranormal investigation to help Amelia find peace.
As the family digs into the house's history, they unearth a connection to the Lumarian legacy, an ancient civilization with mystical artifacts, including the coveted Luminus Crystal. With Pixie's extraordinary abilities, they embark on a perilous adventure filled with cryptic clues, hidden symbols, and an unexpected romantic spark.
The deeper they delve into the mysteries, the more they unravel, and the darker the forces that emerge. The unity of the Anderson family and the support of their newfound friends will be tested as secrets unravel and dark forces close in.
Can the Andersons harness Pixie's magic and unravel the secrets of the past to bring peace to Amelia's spirit? Or will the Luminus Crystal fall into the clutches of the Obsidian Order, an enigmatic and ruthless group that stops at nothing to claim its power?
"Whispers in the Attic" is a paranormal cozy mystery that weaves enchantment, familial bonds, and the thrill of discovery into an adventure that will keep you turning the pages long into the night.
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Sapphires and secrets

A cozy mystery about a jewellery heist, stolen art, a magical Papillon Dog and double the ghostly protection.

"Step into the enchanting village of Rosewood Hollow, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary in 'Sapphires and Secrets.'
Resilient single mother Sarah Anderson, her children Emma and Cory, and their enchanting Papillon dog Pixie are thrust into a world of mystery, magic, and misdirection when a priceless sapphire necklace, steeped in ancient power, disappears from the Rosewood Hollow Museum.
As accusations and suspicion shroud the museum, a daring heist becomes the catalyst for a rollercoaster of events that will test the bonds of family, unveil latent paranormal abilities, and draw them into a web of supernatural intrigue. With the guidance of a retired magician and the enigmatic Pixie, the Anderson family navigates the complexities of an enchantment that blurs the lines between truth and deception.
Amidst a perilous threat to one of their own, the family's newfound powers strengthen, revealing a world where ghostly apparitions, enchanted paintings, and cryptic symbols weave a spellbinding narrative. As Sarah and Matthew's relationship deepens and Emma and Cory's bond with Pixie flourishes, they confront not only the tangible but the supernatural, leading to a grand showdown where the criminals fight to exploit the necklace's power.
In a world where the color blue carries the weight of the throat chakra, where lies become truths and truths become lies, 'Sapphires and Secrets' is a captivating journey of trust, deception, and the enduring power of family. Will the Andersons unravel the mystery behind the stolen sapphire, or will they become entangled in a web of forgotten enchantments that could change their lives forever? Brace yourself for a tale that will leave you enchanted, eager for more, and questioning the very fabric of reality.

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