Thanks to my friend and wonderful Artist Judy MayerGrieve for this portrait and for allowing me to use it. 

About Me

I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been writing and making stuff up - much to the dismay of my parents who called it 'lying'. I’ve had the great fortune of living in many different countries in the world - my native Europe, South East Asia and Canada - and all of the experiences and impressions I have seen find their way into my stories. And let’s face it, my friends were getting somewhat tired of my endless tales! I am impatient, intense and thorough.

I grew up in a little town in Germany, the kind of town nobody leaves because no one can see that far. I don’t have many hobbies beyond digital art, reading and making stuff up. I’ve spent my life reading books, analyzing and writing them by day and night. I love sitting in my sun room, looking out over the lake Ontario, reading, wondering how I would have written that story.

I like beer. Bavarian beer you’ve likely never heard of. I also like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes - I usually bring a parachute.

What makes a writer tick? Many people want to know that very thing. Here is an interview with Country Interviews Online:

Originally I started out writing romance novels, and when that got somewhat out of hand, the "Soundmaster Romance Series" was born. 

Romance novels with a Country Music Theme

Last count I had written over ten of them. I am working on a list of excerpts for you to read from the first three stories in the series, "Guitars & Cadillacs", "Long Way Home", & "This Time". I am hoping to add a full list of excerpts soon. They were all written during 2000 - 2005 and are a great and entertaining read. Head on over to the "Books" section of the website to see more details on the stories and - most importantly - the reviews!

Good bye romance writing

After a while the romance angle got a little old, and I realized that in 'real life' I was working with all of these quirky interesting characters, doing book keeping and admin work for startup companies, so I tried my hand at a couple of adventure/crime stories with the "Shadow Dancer", and finally, my most recent work:-

The Cannabis Preacher

I hope the title intrigues you! I have just finished 'Sermon One', and this one was so much fun to write! A fascinating look at the rise and fall of a Medical Marijuana manufacturer. I am sure I will get a lot of requests for this one! As of the writing of this, it has grown into Sermons 1 through 4, and the tale keeps growing!!

Joyce A. I. .... She knows everything about you!

Artificial intelligence scares many people – but there something a lot more frightening: the data in their own pockets, and the power and determination of the people who want that data. Joyce AI is a story about cybersecurity and personal data protection.

Ghost Mountain Gold
Get ready for an exhilarating financial thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat! "Ghost Mountain Gold" follows the journey of a young geology student who inherits a gold mine in Indonesia and partners with his friends to develop it using a bitcoin token. With the help of a renowned geologist, they make a groundbreaking discovery that propels them into the spotlight and attracts millions in investment. But when a dead body is discovered and doubts about the mine's gold content surface, they find themselves in a dangerous game of deception and betrayal.