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The "Magical Papillon" series
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"Whispers in the Attic"
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Sabine Frisch

writing stories is who I am, not just what I do.....
Welcome to my website, dedicated to my writing
and to my art. Here you will find news and updates about the books I
write and the artwork I create. I invite you to spend a moment with me
in the magical realm of creativity.

Check out our latest release

Whispers in the Attic: The first book in the "magical Papillon" series  and Book Two, Sapphires and Secrets 
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Are you ready for a financial rollercoaster ride filled with high-stakes risks, deceptive schemes, and mind-bending plot twists? Step into the world of financial thrillers, where every page turn could make or break fortunes!


Get ready to fall in love with the heartwarming songs of country music as you dive into the pages of our sizzling romance novels. From the bright lights of Nashville to the rolling hills of the countryside, our stories will sweep you off your feet and leave you singing a love song.


Something is afoot in Rosewood Hollow!
Fall in love with this charming New England Village when a single mother and her children move into an old Victorian Mansion. Sarah adopts a Papillon dog for her children, but "Pixie" has extraordinary abilities, and they soon find out that their attic holds more than just old furniture.


Take your fashion game to the next level with our beautiful Artwear collection, featuring stunning designs created by our very own artist. Each piece is a wearable masterpiece, crafted with care and passion to showcase the beauty and vibrancy of our artwork or the impressive cover designs of our books. Check it out!!


The Cannabis Preacher Series: 
The last three books in the Series will be released in 2023, starting with Sermon 2 in July. Own all of them!
SoundMaster Romance: 
Romance novels with a country music theme! Get in tune with this perfect pair.
The Magical Papillon Series:
A paranormal cozy mystery series, featuring a magical papillon dog ❤️🐾