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As a writer, you always worry what people will be saying - always! I have been fortunate that so many readers took the time to drop me a line, just to say how much they enjoyed one or more of my books. That is the most gratifying thing about being a writer. What follows is a selection of comments, some of them professional reviewers, others just ordinary folks like you and me. Looking at this page keeps me humble, and every time I feel like saying 'you liked it? Really'. Here is an interview with Country Interviews Online:

Guitars and Cadillacs:

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Marty Clayton - Thatscountry.com

"I received a great new book in the mail last week and I just have to share this with you! The book is called Guitars & Cadillacs (from the SoundMaster Romance Series), written by Sabine Keevil. I read the first couple of pages, fully intending to put the book down and review it when I had more time. The book was so good, I couldn't put it down! Needless to say, I read the whole book that day ( I'm a fast reader) and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, which will be released in the spring. Guitars and Cadillacs is about a Country superstar and a radio announcer who meet on the worst of terms and chronicles how building a relationship with a public icon isn't the easiest thing to do, especially when the parties concerned have skeletons in their closet. If you'd like to own a copy of this book (which I highly recommend) please go to http://www.thinkingdogpublishing.com/." -Marti Clayton ThatsCountry.com


Country Weekly:


Guitars & Cadillacs is the entertaining story of the fire and fury stirred up by the relationship between Reanne (Parker) and fictional country superstar Colton Wright...Offering surprise twists, intrigue and mystery...Keep turning the pages to see what happens next in the well-paced plot. Pat Mandia Click here to read the full review from Country Weekly, the world's #1 Selling Country Music Magazine


"Guitars and Cadillacs!... The ultimate fantasy - a love story between a country music star (Dwight Yoakam?) and an everyday person."
-John Shelton Ivany
“It’s probably one of the best books I’ve ever read!”
-Marlene Miller, Etobicoke
"I loved the opening concert scene."
-George, Nashville-
"It’s actually pretty good!"
-Nancy Hengstman (the Author’s mother-in-law)



"Sabine Keevil has constructed the perfect fantasy romance in her novel Guitars & Cadillacs, the latest in the Soundmaster Romance Series. The romance between country super-hunk Colton "Mr. Right" Wright and radio personality Reanne Parker is right out of a storybook, complete with passionate fighting and equally passionate reconciliation. At the same time, she appeals to that part of us that longs to see the behind-the-scenes footage of celebrity lives."
Rachel Jagt

Click here to read the full review from Rambles


Take Country Back


"Ms. Keevil is a good storyteller. I'll say that right out. She has a good grasp of storyline, she's succinct and to the point, her characters are engaging, and she knows where she's taking them... The story is of Colton Wright, country music superstar (ala Garth Brooks, an on-stage maniac in an oversized cowboy hat), and Reanne Parker, Nashville morning DJ." Laurie Joulie Click here to read the rest of the review from Take Country Back


Romance Book Reviews "Guitars & Cadillacs 2002 ISBN: 0-9689973-0-9

Reanne Parker is a radio dj...tho she used to be a country singer whose career ended abruptly. She meets country singer Colton Wright...and aganist her better feelings she falls for him..and bad. Just when she thinks things are going ok...his "wife" comes back into the picture, so Reanne bows out and tries to figure out how to live her life without Colton. Reanne wonders if Colton loves her as much as she loves him...or will he try and get things worked out with his wife? Very good book!" Girlposse.com About the Book Country music. Romance. Sabine Keevil has finally put the two together! Keevil is the author of the new romance novel, Guitars and Cadillacs. She has put together a series of romance novels, the SoundMaster Series, that have a country music base to them. And, as you can see, are titled after country music songs. Guitars and Cadillacs tells the story of Colton "Mr. Right" Wright, country music superstar, who begins dating Reanne Parker, Nashville DJ. Parker finds out how tough dating him is, especially when his ex-wife shows up, bringing a 10 year old mystery along with her. The Review What would it be like to meet and fall in love with one of Country Music's biggest stars? This book answers that very question - and it isn't always as great as one may think. This is a fun book and a light read. Perfect for an indulgent afternoon. Country music and romance fans, as well as lovers of all things Nashville will definitely get a kick out of Guitars & Cadillacs. ~Trixie, October 2002 www.girlposse.com/reviews/books/guitars_cadillacs.html Guitars & Cadillacs and Long Way Home are now available in paperback, published by Thinking Dog Publishing. For further info, please send us an email at info@thinkingdogpublishing.com © Copyright 2001- 2007 Thinking Dog Publishing, All Rights Reserved


Long Way Home


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Long Way Home

Click here to read the 1st Chapter

Book Review by Tammy R. Phillips

Author Sabine Keevil proves that she is a woman who knows how to bring fantasies to life with simple words printed on a page. Combining her natural ability to tell a good story with a touch of mystery, suspense, and romance, her latest book release, Long Way Home, becomes a novel that is hard to put down.

In Long Way Home, the followup to the previously released Guitars & Cadillacs, Keevil shares the story of record company heiress Victoria Masters and bad boy rock star Calder McKnight, known more commonly to his fans as the "Dark Knight." Masters arrives in Nashville to clean up a publicity nightmare caused by McKnight's band, Knight Rider, while McKnight comes to town with the intentions of trying to salvage his career.

Before a face-to-face meeting has time to take place, however, both find themselves in a different kind of meeting at a local park. Calder doesn't realize the cute new girl he's met is the head honcho who has just released him from his recording contract, and Victoria doesn't realize the simple cowboy who caught her eye is actually the infamous "Dark Knight" without his normal stage attire.
The twists and turns are many, but the end result is a deep and abiding love found when least expected.
For a little background information on the author, Sabine wrote her first novel when she was only 14 years old. She adds that she has had stories and characters running around in her mind for as long as she can remember. "I've never been at a loss for ideas," Keevil commented in a recent interview. "On the contrary, they're crowding my mind, fighting for space. Sometimes it's a song that makes you wonder what kind of a story could be behind it, a newspaper article, a comment I overhear. Anything. Writers play a constant game of 'what if' – what if this happened or that, and we take it from there."
The theme of country music in her SoundMaster Romance Series comes from a lifetime of enjoying music. "I'm definitely a country music fan foremost," she has said, "and that's what my radio is tuned to on any given day, but I'm also open to listening to all kinds of different music and to be influenced by it – from opera to rock-n-roll. If you were to look through my admittedly vast CD collection, you'd find everything from Abba to ZZ top to Sinatra and James Last. And, of course, a huge country collection."
Due to her ability to relate to country fans, readers are certain to enjoy the "ultimate fantasy," as she has labeled it, of being swept away into a world where dreams really do come true. Both books, Long Way Home and the first in the series Guitars & Cadillacs, are available at www.thinkingdogpublishing.com (link below). If you're looking to escape into a world of romance the downhome southern way, Sabine Keevil is the author to take you away.


The Cannabis Preacher


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