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The Cannabis Preacher


The Cannabis Preacher


The Cannabis Preacher:

Call it a drug trade for investors. Todd Harrison, CEO and founder of Internet-based financial media company Minyanville, thinks cannabis "will be the single best investment idea for the next ten years." The Cannabis Preacher is the story of the man who built the biggest cannabis empire in the country and walked away with nothing. Or did he?d Wilson Beauregard learned the art of the sell from his father a teleevangelist and preacher. He offers his investors money and success without any possible chance of falling or failing, and creates the perfect world backed by nothing but his words and the promises he makes. Not everybody is willing to play his game though. Somebody on his team wants the whole cake, not just a slice and all of a sudden Wilson finds himself on the wrong end of a criminal investigation and the man who emblazoned his name on a shiny new helicopter has to take it and run for his life.



The Cannabis Preacher - a tale like no other


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