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Digital Artwork - Photography

I hope you had a look over at my Digital Artwork Page. If so, then you already know that all of my artwork starts life as a photograph. Since I was a little kid I’ve been interested in photography and the art of capturing the moment. Digital art came later in life, at a difficult time in my personal life, and it allowed me to relive moments and recreate a life that might have been. Some of photographs however are just too precious, too special on their own to turn them into a piece of digital art. They are for sale here on these pages, in the hopes that you dear reader will find just as much joy in them as I have. Photos are sold ready to frame in sizes of 8 X 10 or 11 X 14. Scroll down for the easy to use order form, and please, do let me know what you think.

Click on any image to see a larger size rendering. Images will open in a new tab.




1 Fog over the Pier

2 Foggy Day Bronte

3 Magical Sunrise

4 The Lighthouse

5 Regatta Day

6 Toronto By night

7 Winter Sunrise

8 Winter on the Lake

8 Massive Wave

Massive Wave

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