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Other Work

Over the years, I have written over 20 (!!) books - it is just a think that keeps me sane and from killing my fellow man and woman. Not all of them are suited to publication, or indeed have been proofread to the point where they may (or may not) be.... But, following are a few I am thinking of offering to you in the near future, either as a free download or as a very low-cost ebook, just to show you how far imagination can take you! Enjoy ---- and drop me a line if you love what I do!

The Shadow Dancers

The shadow dancers cover



The Shadow Dancers: After a tsunami destroys large parts of the coastline of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India Carson Hawke wakes up with no memories of who he is and no clues except a woman who is a stranger to him and a briefcase with three million dollars in uncut diamonds. Carson Hawke would like to think he is an honest man, but what is he doing with that kind of cash in a locked briefcase? The woman he is with tells him he hired her for the weekend and a mysterious phone call on a prepaid cell phone suggests a daughter he didn’t know he had is being held hostage for the money. Just when he is trying to put all the pieces together – Carson and Jazmin are being shot at and a cat and mouse chase across south East Asia begins.