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Digital Artwork - Abstracts

I hope you had a look over at my Digital Artwork Page. At some point in the life of every artist, we try our hand at Abstract Art. A group of friends challenged me by including me in an abstract show and I enjoyed this process tremendously. All of the abstracts are printed on canvas, the sizes are indicated with the image. If a particular piece interests you, please contact me about pricing/shipping. Thanks!




1 Wildflowers 24x36

Field of Wildflowers

2 Agreement 24x36


3 Champagne 24x36


4 Reflections 24x36


5 Reflections II 24x36

Reflections II

6 Drinks on the Patio 24x24

7 Everywhere 24x36


8 Nightlife 12x12 on paper

Night in the city

8 Tropics 24x36

Afternoon in the Tropics

7 Audacity 20x24


8 Harbour Lines 24x30

Harbour Lines

8 Save the Rainforest 20x24

Save the rainforest



Please contact me for these pieces or any other you might have seen at a show sabine@thinkingdogpublishing.com